At HealthPro Education, all our classes are taught by industry professionals. Our instructors include EMT’s, Paramedics, Firefighters, and Registered Nurses. We believe the combination of excellent training and real-world experience provides the best learning experience. We envision sharing our knowledge and expertise to better serve patients, their families, and the global community by providing excellent educational opportunities to all our students.


It is HealthPro Education’s mission to consistently provide superbly trained and equipped instructors who will inspire our students to become active members in the medical community. We do this by empowering our students through a fun and interactive learning environment that provides them the hands-on skills experience needed to feel confident during a healthcare crisis.



HealthPro Education strives to consistently meet or exceed established industry standards and expectations as we provide the highest quality instruction in the industry.


We strive to provide excellence in everything we do. HealthPro Education was born out of a desire to provide excellence in the service of our community through partnering with local EMS agencies, Law Enforcement, and local Health Care Providers to ensure the highest quality education possible for our students.


We encourage active collaboration to ensure the highest quality patient care, improve team dynamics along with team centered decision-making skills, and achieve common goals: Saving Lives!