IV Therapy – Blood Withdrawal

IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Certification for LVNs

This course is approved by the State of California (BVN/PT) Board for LVNs. RNs may also take this course to learn or refresh their skills. This is a 36 hour course, as required by the BVN, which consists of four-9 hour days. The BVN requires 3 live sticks for blood draw and 3 live sticks for IV start.

The Instructor, Joan Battersby, has over 30 years IV experience: “I promise to teach you all my tricks for finding good veins and easy IV starts!”

We must have a minimum of 10 people to provide the IV Course.  If you have a group interested in the course, please call us at 951-279-6110 to discuss scheduling a course.

$50.00 Deposit, $265.00 Balance

Course dates are subject to Group and Instructor availability!  Call us we will try to schedule dates that work for your group!

January 1, 2027No class scheduled at this time.
Course Prices
IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawa l - Deposit$50.00
IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification - Balance$265.00
IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification $315.00
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